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Audio-book recommendation (with Colin Morgan :-))  
09:11pm 20/01/2015

Do you like fantasy?
Do you like Terry Pratchett?
Do you like Neil Gaiman?
Do you like to listen to well done audiobooks?
(do you have a weakness for Colin Morgan?)

If one or several of the above is true or if you are simply curious, please listen to the BBC production of Good Omens:

I had a fun time, hope you will as well.

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For all those who love cats and dogs...  
07:13pm 03/01/2015
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09:31pm 06/03/2013
So, after last Friday and my almost crying on him and him calming me down for 25 minutes I decided that I really needed to take a step back from Mr. Grumpy and keep a professional distance. I had the best of intentions!
And then, Tuesday morning at 8:00, Mr Grumpy stops in my office to simply chat with me. Oookay. (I had monday off)
Later in the day both him and my colleague are in my office at the same time (because other doors were closed and my office was the only way to the Boss' holy room) and they've known each other some years and chattered on and it was funny. And colleague leaves and I had a building law question for Mr. Grumpy so he stayed back. And we talked about building law but in a good way and he cracked up about something I said and really laughed and muttered: "As long as you can make me laugh like that...".
And he went out of his way to do something for me that's not in his job description. I could have ordered him to (if I'd known), but wouldn't have done that. He simply put the file with his draft of the dismissal of an action on my desk. Granted, I still needed two hours to read through it, skim the file, and correct it. Still. He saved me work.

Today I had a talk with my boss because he needed to evaluate my work. I told him how satisfied I am with all of my staff, what good work they do. My boss said that they all put in that little bit of extra work because they don't want to compromise themselves to the new, young jurist (none of my staff is a jurist even if they do building law). I was astounded to hear that but the boss has known them all for so long...there's a good chance he's right. Which would partly explain Mr. Grumpy's behaviour re draft.

Tomorrow we have an appointment in one of the little villages we're the relevant authority for: just him and me and possibly a third who's not my staff but my colleague's. Three hours. And today the secretary, him and me made quite some jokes about what kind of clothes to wear and whether to say I'm from the north or not (they don't like that in those little villages).
Jesus! Someone has sent that man to test me.
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something nice on a sh... Monday morning  
11:17am 30/07/2012

I don't understand swedish, unfortunately. I like the sound of it. I like the look of him.
Have fun watching.
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We had a grim thunderstorm this night  
11:37am 01/07/2012
it woke me up and shook the building. So much lightening, storm, thunder and rain.

Made me think if these:

Turns out I still know the lyrics by heart *lol*. And those clothes...*giggles*

I loved East17.
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computer troubles  
10:29pm 26/04/2012
Totally stressed, housing my best mate in my room for a couple of days, and now my computer does wierd weird things. First stop tomorrow: computer shop.

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Stand right, walk left  
10:37pm 08/02/2012
That principle isn't that hard to understand, is it?


Oh yeah, and my mood defintely does NOT improve when DUE TO YOUR BEHAVIOUR the next train is late and police have to act because YOU'RE FREAKING FIRING BANGERS/FIRECRACKERS INSIDE THE CROWDED TRAIN STATION.

I HATE soccer fans on public transport.
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This is Good! Make time, Watch it.  
02:12pm 20/01/2012
I don't know much about chemistry or biochemistry and don't specialize in nutrition, so some of the things in here go right above my head. However, most of it is easily understandable, and while I personally do not have a problem with my fructose intake, I think it's important to know some about it because this stuff is everywhere around you.
Since he's holding the lecture in San Francisco he makes a reference to Harvey Milk *squee*

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Questions for the Brits or people with good ears  
03:10pm 03/01/2012
At 2:20 minutes, Jade (skinny, black hair) starts talking. I have a very hard time understanding her and I'm very curious what kind of accent that is?
Would be great if one of you could give it a go and listen :-)

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Laughing out loud  
03:24pm 15/11/2011
There's a lot of crows/rooks in my city, and they're often very entertaining to watch.* However, just now I was looking out of my window into the tree outside. And saw a crow flying by, settling into the tree, and having a full beak. Her beak was stuffed, in fact. It took me some seconds to figure out, but actually: it had a big cookie in its beak! It looked very satisfied and then flew off somewhere safe, I guess, so it wouldn't have to share.

* The crows hang around the intersections, wait for the cars to have red, then drop the nuts they collected (so if it is raining nuts, look up in the sky!) into the estimated tire-tracks of the cars, wait until the green phase for the cars is over and they stop again, and then the crows fly down to collect the cracked nuts. They're the smartest birds I've ever watched.
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